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Now, what is the story behind this „Raut Oak Fest“?

Well, once, it was kind of a…. divorce-party. That was back in 2011. (The organizer, Christian, got divorced, after four months of marriage. But that´s another story.)

And nope: It wasn´t sad at all. (The divorce, maybe – but not the party.)
There was: a wonderful meadow, which is called “Raut“. (A meadow with a name, sounds weird? Well, in Bavaria people tend to name everything they know… cows, houses, meadows, whatever, you name it. Har har.)
That is: the Raut.
And then, there was an old oak tree right in the middle.
You guessed it: That‘ s the Oak!
(There is also a lake and the mountains, but they do not appear in the name, so you can act totally surprised when you see them.)
And then there were some people and some barbecue and some beer and some music, and well, what is that? The Fest! (Well, you probably know, what a fest is: It is German for „party“, and short for „Festival“. How convenient, I know.)

So that was the very first Raut Oak Fest, and everybody who was there will never forget it, because it was: awesome. And therefore Christian (the organizer and divorcee, you heard about him above) wanted to repeat it. And he did. Guess what: It was awesome, too! And so he wanted to repeat it again, but with bands. With really good bands – with really good music: Deep Blues, Heavy Blues, Garage, Psychedelic, Blues Rock... Because he is a real big fan of good Underground Music and of good musicians. (You can have a look at the old line-ups when you want to know what that´s supposed to mean.)

And he is a hands-on type of guy, too. In real life he works as a trade fair organizer, so he is also building the whole thing up himself, together with two guys. (Only three guys are building it up, freakin right!) Well, and all through the weekend, family and lots of friends are helping, too, that’s for sure… Yeah: The whole Raut Oak Fest is not a giant commercial thing, but rather a nice, relaxed, independent festival; the place is local, the food is local, the beer is local, the bands  - oh no, they are not really local. But really good.

But we were talking about the history of the Raut Oak Fest. Well, in the beginning there was one evening and one concert and a few nice people, and then there were three days and more than 20 bands and more than 600 people. So, over the years, there were different stages, different music, different people, different meadows and different kinds of sunshine and rain and thunderstruck. (No, not the song.) And yes, maybe the organizer lost a great deal of nerves and a great deal of money, but: he never gave up.
Why? “Because of the magic”,  he says.

And this year, it will be there, too. You‘ ll see.

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