Ropoporose (fr)
Following the runaway success of their first album, Elephant Love/2015, the young duo Ropoporose   might   have   been   feeling   the pressure:  the  dreaded  sophomore  effort,  the mature  record...  all  that  bullshit.  But  Romain (drums and a whole bunch of other things) and Pauline (vocals, guitars and a whole bunch of other, other things) - the siblings behind this enigmatic name - are still happy to act as if the world ignored their existence. While that is no longer necessarily the case, considering the sound of their new album Kernel, Foreign Moons,  it’s  an  attitude  which  seems  to  suit them very well indeed. Their jubilant mixture of kraut, indie pop, noise, math-rock, lo-fi and bubblegum never fails to make people hum along, no matter how idiosyncratic and full of unexpected breaks and changes the songs are, as if they were Britpop anthems. It can all seem so simple, instinctive, and casual, when in fact it’s often brilliantly imaginative, self-determined and masterfully rendered.
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