Odd Couple (ger)
How can you describe a musical quantum leap? Maybe it’s best to explain it in numbers. Flügge [meaning “independent” or “to spread one’s wings” in German] is 44 minutes and 41seconds long, includes 14 songs and 13 instruments divided by two musicians drawing on at least ten different musical spheres of influence. Sampling and digital post production: zero. The second album by Berlin duo Odd Couple has become an eclectic mix that doesn’t fit too easily into a category. When Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft were working on their debut “It's A Pressure To Meet You”, which was released two years ago, they were still at the primordial soup stage of sultry garage-rock. Flügge outgrew the age- old framework of guitar, bass and drums with a confident vehemence. The record breathes rock music,speaking the language of the Blues with riffs in widescreen and keyboards under cover of night, but nevertheless structured by the skeleton of a modern interpretation of Krautrock and the repetitive punching beat of classic hip-hop productions. The result is a sound that the German music scene has not yet heard.
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