Donkey Honk Company (ger) schedule venue camping
The Donkeyhonk Company exists since Oct. 2010. We are inspired by artists as Tom Waits, Townes van Zandt, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and Seasick Steve. Our music as a rough blend of alternativ-country and dirty folk-blues with some punkrock elements. Our songs are in English and Bavarian language, written by Lametto and arranged by the company. Beside that we perform traditionals from the American Songbook. In Autumn 2012, Wig on the drums joined the company "So far I cannot say I’ve enjoyed listening to a band that I’m writing a review about as much as Donkeyhonk Company. They have spun their own web of music that reflects a cultural blend. I’d love to be able to say that I love one song more than the rest but as I look back at the list of tracks all I want is to listen to each again. The mix of instruments, the rough and gruff vocal tracks, and the lyrics all produce something that’ll not only leave your head spinning, but also make you wanting more. This is a band that I’d love to see live. I can envision them in a city I once called home, New Orleans, Louisiana. " Jeremy Frost
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