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Bones Shake is a Scuzzed Fuzzed Blues three piece formed in 2011 from Manchester. They play everything into the red; violent bottle neck blues riff, drums kicked, pounded and swatted and squeals of reverb drenched vocals all combine to help save your soul. Since they started, they’ve never taken a rest from playing around the UK either as Headliners or supporting bands (Black Lips, King Brothers, Walter Lure, Guitar Wolf,…). They have also been in high demand in Europe where they have toured numerous times including a tour of prisons in France They have released 4 EPs and 2 LPs so far. Their last single was released in Europe via Never Trust The Hippies records and their new album, Sermons, will be out Spring 2019. ' was one incendiary set that made me want to witness the whole thing all over again – what a band!!' (The Sound) ' It is a frenetic, intense and vibrant display of dirty, gritty blues' (Manchester Music) ‘You can hear the influence of the Birthday Party in the howls and distortion, the pounding beat, the filthy riffs, but the key element here is the sleazier stain of The Cramps…soiled and simple blues – very nice indeed!’ (Vibrations) The church of Bones Shake is a fine place to worship' (Manchester Rocks)
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