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A brand new band led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Parker Griggs, El Perro contains elements fans of his band Radio Moscow will recognize, but with a new, fresh spin and feel. Whereas Radio Moscow is a power trio drawing from the traditions of heavy psychedelic rock, El Perro takes that starting point and adds the additional instrumentation of a second guitar and a percussionist, pushing the music into more syncopated territory, spiced with Latin rhythms and hints of Funkadelic-style grooves. “About a year ago I started getting into some new sounds and influences and was hungry to do something fresh,” says Griggs. “I started laying down some new ideas and was recording it like a solo project. I really liked the new direction; it was heading in a different way than Radio Moscow and I wanted to bring it to life as a five-piece band and put it out there.” Former Radio Moscow drummer Lonnie Blanton, who is based in Salt Lake City, was visiting California and Parker noticed this on Instagram. “I was traveling throughout California in April of this year,” recalls Blanton. “Parker heard that I was in (San Diego), hit me up and told me about this new project he was doing. We hadn’t played together since touring as Radio Moscow back in 2012, so I was instantly stoked. Started jamming the next day!”
Three years after the "Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)" odyssey, French heavy psych torchbearers MARS RED SKY are ready to add a new cornerstone to the pharaonic sonic monument they've been building for over a decade. Written in a medieval castle in 2018, "The Task Eternal" is now available on Listenable Records. Beyond a highly recognizable sound, MARS RED SKY have been opening gateways to new dimensions with their otherworldly songs since their self-titled debut back in 2011. Whether you experience their records or live performances, their hulking yet trippy brand of stoner rock takes you onto an infinite journey. From the early days, the Bordeaux trio has established as an essential live act, treading upon the biggest rock and metal stages (SXSW, Hellfest, Roadburn, Desertfest, Eurockéennes festival) and opening for the likes of Sleep, Dinosaur Jr., Kyuss Lives!, Killing Joke or Gojira. With their sophomore full-length "Stranded In Arcadia" (2014), a sci-fi odyssey filled with dystopian reveries, MARS RED SKY quickly became a cornerstone band among the heavy rock scene, garnering praise from international critics. "Hypnotic", "massive", "charismatic", "psychedelic" are some of the words used to define the prolific trio’s sound, floating atop the stoner rock constellation and 70s psych pop nebula. Two years and hundreds of shows across Europe and Americas later, the band released their third album "Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)" (2016). Once again produced by Brazilian engineer Gabriel Zander, their behemoth sound blends perfectly with Julien Pras ethereal vocals and guitars, opening a door to even more bewitching paths. In 2017, MARS RED SKY treated the fans to a highly collectable item with the "Myramyd" EP – an instrumental odyssey in the form of a 17-minute live recording. After another two years spent on the road, 2019 felt like the right time to return with their brand new album "The Task Eternal" on Listenable Records, which is set to be followed by a couple of extensive European tours. "The Task Eternal" was recorded and mixed by Benjamin Mandeau at Cryogène Studio in Bègles.
Born of a parade, the All Seeing Eyes are the pride of Dayton, Kentucky. The three piece of multi- instrumentalists developed into the house band at Masonic Sounds Studios in that Kentucky river town. Housed in a Free Mason Blue Lodge, they created the new LP “In Us We Trust”, now available on Mauvias Foi Records in Europe. The trio was recently defined as “the MC5 of the country blues” by Tav Falco, in the truest of descriptors. Johnny Walker fronts the band, playing harmonica and guitar. He is the progenitor of the Soledad Brothers, Pearlene and Cut in the Hill Gang who has toured singing for MC5/DKT. It should be noted that Walker has done session work with the White Stripes, the Detroit Cobras, the Greenhornes, Low Cut Connie and James Leg and dozens more. Walker has also been championed by noted DJs John Peel and John Sinclair. Kane Kitchen (bass) has been keeping time for Barrance Whitfield and Savages and alt-country singer Jeremy Pinnell. Lance “Lucky” Kaufman is a multi-instrumentalist playing drums and singing for the All-Seeing Eyes. Lucky has toured the world with his trad-rockabilly band, the Star Devils and his collaboration with Cut in the Hill Gang. The All-Seeing Eyes was formed to play a party on a parade route for the largest annual celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was quickly realized that the trio could fill the role as house musicians for Walker’s newly established recording studio, Masonic Sounds Studios, across the Ohio river. The All Seeing Eyes began writing and recording their LP in earnest while working in and recording for various artists in the Masonic Sounds Studios. They have played extensively in the Midwest and South of the United States, the UK, and France. The bands live set has been showcased warming up for Jon Spencer, the Cobras, the Demolition doll rods, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Dead Weather, Cedrick Burnside, Tav Falco, CATL, the Melvins and so on. They have managed to play over 60 shows a year, in spite of Walkers professional obligations as a psychiatrist and MD. The All Seeing Eyes will be performing at Blues, Psych Rock and Garage Festivals all over the US and Europe in 2020 with a mix of these genres in a solid party vibe. Let’s have a good time!
Formed in the heart of Brooklyn, N.Y.C., Endless Boogie are an American rock ensemble, known for traversing the styles of psychedelic rock, stoner rock, and blues rock. Made up of Paul Major (vocals, guitar), Jesper Eklow (guitar), Marc Razo (bass guitar), and Harry Druzd (drums) the band was formed in 1997 after the members began to indulge in Tuesday night jam sessions. After some time, word began to spread of the ensemble’s sound and indie rock musician Stephen Malkmus decided to coax them out of their rehearsal space in order to open for his band Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks at their debut N.Y.C. show in 2001. Naming themselves after an album by John Lee Hooker, the band’s performance was a success, which led to more live requests and the quartet eventually found themselves recording their rehearsals for their debut independent releases in 2005. The recordings in question were composed of numerous basement rehearsals, separated into limited copies of two volumes (simply entitled Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) which the band gave out at their appearance at the 2005 ATP festival in the U.K. In 2008, the band put out their first official album, Focus Level, via Philadelphia-based label, No Quarter Records. The record received widespread critical acclaim, garnering stylistic comparisons to the blues-laden hard rock of household acts such as ZZ Top and Canned Heat. The band delivered their sophomore effort for No Quarter in 2010’s Full House Head, which was swiftly followed by another rehearsal collection entitled The Skinless Ogress Revolution, Which Feeds on Human Sacrifice; a limited-edition 100- copy release that Eklow had handmade for sale at gigs on a West Coast tour. This tradition of capturing live rehearsals for hard copy releases cropped up again on the 2011 EP Twenty Minute Jam: Getting Out of the City. Endless Boogie's third album, Long Island, was deemed as one of the band’s career-defining moments, with many citing it as their most eclectic, cohesive, and detailed effort to date. The group returned in early 2017 with their fourth full-length, Vibe Killer. The record was once again released via No Quarter Records.
Sometimes music is supposed to feel weird and indescribable. It’s the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic mess that often feels the most satisfying. That’s the space that Earth Tongue occupy. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly-familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace. The one consistent thread through their music, however, is the thick and all-encompassing fuzz. Guitarist Gussie Larkin has become a master of the fuzz-smothered riff, and along with Ezra Simons’ off-kilter drumming, they’ve been sending punters into transcendental states since they began gigging in their home town of Wellington, New Zealand in 2016. With their debut release Portable Shrine EP they steadily grew in popularity and began to tour NZ and Australia regularly. They quickly became one of NZ’s most exciting underground live acts - it wasn’t long until they were playing alongside international touring bands like Red Fang, Beastwars and Monolord. In 2018 the two-piece embarked on a successful two-month tour of Europe and the UK, laying the foundations for the release of their debut LP in 2019. ‘Floating Being’ was released in June 2019 via Bristol-based record label Stolen Body Records. The album was pieced together throughout their travels of Australia and Europe in 2018, with the finishing touches being added in their hometown, Wellington. The album contains songs they’ve been playing live for the past few years, and it captures the raw, primitive energy that exists within their live performance. Earth Tongue embrace the imperfections in their playing and recording, drawing influence from early 70s psychedelic and prog rock. The last thing they wanted was to do was create a shiny, over-produced record - with that in mind, they recorded the drums to an old 8- track Tascam reel-to-reel in a friend’s garage in Melbourne. The result is a punchy, raw and fuzzy journey into psych-rock with songs that weave between melodic and jarring, with unexpected turns leaving the listener in a disorientated, euphoric haze
The Ivory Elephant have been pedaling their Blues inflected brand of Psych in the dark corners of Melbourne since 2012. Not subservient to the trends of modern music, the band follow their own inter-stellar trajectory of fuzz laden rock and extended psychedelic trips. Played on a hand-crafted guitar and featuring members of The Seven Ups and The Merri Creek Pickers, the band's line up is Trent Sterling (guitar/vocals, Arthur Witherby (bass/keys/vocals) and Don Sargood (drums/vocals).
The Maness Brothers call St. Louis, MO their home. The crumbling brick, nightly gunshots, and a sour taste of civil unrest lurk in the background of the duos doom laden blues rock. Sludge, stoner, dirty, punk, rock are all acceptable words of description. Yes by god they are real brothers. Who've toured the better half of Europe and the United States, paying homage & paying dues to the legends of Hill Country Blues and and the deepest roots of the rock roll genre. They've performed alongside performers such as, Jon Spencer, Weedeater, Patrick Sweany, Scott H. Biram, Grim Reaper, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Hooten Hallers, James Leg, Mark "Porkchop" Holder & MPH, Left Lane Cruiser, King Mud, & Mothership. As well as Muddy Roots Music Festival 2018 with Sleep, High on Fire, Fu Manchu and more Their gritty sound continues to penetrate worldwide as the band continues touring Playing 100 + shows a year, ranging from a sold out performance in Warsaw, Poland to a pop up show at Junior's Juke Joint #2 in Holly, Springs, MS. There is certainly no stopping short for The Maness Brothers. After their most recent excursions spanning two months between Alaska & Europe, playing in 8 countries. The brothers await the release of their latest album, 11 brand new songs recorded at St. Louis Recording Club by Carl Nappa in Missouri.
The Heavy Minds, based in Upper Austria, are a Psychedelic-Garage-Rock-Trio, playing a mixture of heavy, fuzzy riffs, dreamy melodies and spaced out solos, which is heavily influenced by music of the late 60's, early 70's, neo psychedelia stuff, Lo-Fi Garagerock and much more.
Die Bayern-2-Heimatsoundsieger GAMSKAMPLER (Hans mit Dampf, Hans im Glück, Hans vom Bier) kommen den weiten Weg aus Schnackslreith, um bei Euch zu spielen! Volksmusik mit Gwoit inklusive bayerischer Satiretexte, so nennt sich diese ohrwurmartige Musikrichtung. Ihre urbayerischen Texte werden ausgerechnet in der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt nur schwer verstanden. Das macht die drei Volkspunker nachdenklich. Darum machen sich Hans, Hans und Hans auf, ihre überlieferten Geschichten zu verbreiten, die sogenannten Schnackslreither Sommerhitz. Von der Plattlerprob, Schofscheren und Kaufhaustrachtlern über die wundersame Entschleunigung durch das Mofafahren, bis hin zu Ratten im Keller decken sie sämtliche Thematiken ab. Hupfen, danzen und vui lachen garantiert!
The Machine is a rock band from the Greater Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands. Its members are David Eering (guitar/vocals), Davy Boogaard (drums) and Chris Both (bass). Founding members Eering and Boogaard started the band in 2007, taking inspiration from 90’s/00’s stoner rock and 70’s psych with a preference for lengthy instrumentals. Since then, they developed their own sound, one that is known for its high volume and coherent diversity. Throughout the years, the approach shifted towards a more aggressive and song based formula. The result is a style with its roots in all things heavy rock, drew on big riffs, noise, experiment and coffee. The Machine toured Europe several times and repeatedly played at the major European scene- related festivals. Having a back catalogue of five full lengths and one split record, The Machine released its sixth album Faceshift (July 2018) on Eering’s imprint Awe Records. Faceshift is a perfect illustration of the band’s maturing sound, being their most heavy, noisy and accessible record to date.
Youth & Canvas formed in early 2016 after they moved to Austin separately looking to pursue music. They hit the ground running and caught the attention of a local bar and had the honor of playing SXSW 2017 less than a year after forming. They have since been building up a reputation in Austin and are looking to expand their fanbase through rigorous promotion and tours. They are very motivated, dedicated, and passionate musicians who take what they do very seriously and want to share their energy with as many people as possible.
It would be incredibly easy for Chet Weise, Sara Nelson and Poni Silver to lean back onto their pedigree of seasoned Devil’s business blues based punk projects (Top of the Class cliff-notes Immortal Lee County Killers, Little Killers, Quadrajets, The Ettes…) but if you thought garage rock was what you were going to get from this trio of expectation-defying leather bound soul mates, then you don’t know Kings of the Fucking Sea. Allow me: The Kings are melted metal poetry, spirituality and explorations of The Riff pulsating under a cosmic slop of fuzz, dive bombing guitar solos, and snare rolls; equal parts Frazetta, Blackmore, and LSD spiked rides on Space Mountain. Sonically and lyrically we’re in full interstellar apocalypse mode here, these tunes melt into weighted liquid time. They’re heavy, searing and strictly for the heads. Both tracks on this Plant Life debut interplay and intersect, two separate and complete stories that combine into one larger narrative. This is the soundtrack to your next cloven hoofed horse ride through space and time. There is never need to exhume and exploit ghostly glories. Kings of the Fucking Sea ably prove that jamming your foot on the gas, leaving the blue dot behind and never reflecting on your pillars of salt is the only way forward. Investigate if you like - Hawkwind, Judas Priest, Deviants, Deep Purple, Acid Mothers, Edgar Broughton The Hyperbole - Proto-Punk Riffage, Stooges in Space, Time-Lords Chet Weise - Vocals, Guitar Poni Silver - Drums Sara Nelson - Bass
CW Ayon may call the Southwestern deserts of New Mexico home but his soul is deeply rooted in the Blues and grooves of the Mississippi Hill Country. With a rather simple kick/snare and tambourine setup he lays down solid beats while picking out some catchy hooks on anything from acoustic to resonator guitars. Sometimes dropping in a bit of harmonica for good measure. All the while building a sound and playing style that is deceptively larger than it seems. Cooper "CW" Ayon has lived in various places around his beloved state New Mexico, but hails originally from Reserve. His wife, Carol, is a trained musician who taught him how to play the guitar. He excelled with this instrument before he could learn to read notes and joined a few Las Cruces bands in 2004. In these bands, he played rock music and covers and — being a blues man — tried to add as much blues as he could. After the bands split, Ayon struck out on his own, literally, as his own drummer, guitar player and singer. "I've been pretty fortunate in having steady gigs," he said about the uniqueness of his sound. "I've been doing it for a few years now and it's pretty constant." Since 2009, Ayon released original albums under the Solitary Records label out of Chicago every year. He took a recording break in 2013, but recorded a live album from the Rio Grande Theatre. In 2010, he won a best blues award for his song "Seen My Baby" at the New Mexico Music Awards and another in 2013 for "End of My Rope." Ayon's influences are Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Robert Belfour, just to name a few.
Black Voodoo Train. An eternal love for music brought the fve members together. Coming from diferent places, the music makes us whole. Exploring the ultimate groove is essential. Nothing is compromissed. No preconception of what to do.
"When listening to this dark doom/blues masterpiece you will experience many feelings all at once. Is it a Spaghetti Western? A funeral? An exorcism? or ex lovers penetrating your dreams? It is all of these things. Compelling, groundbreaking, new and old, fucking incredible. From Russia come Lunar Funeral. They are showing you the way to the void. Jump on in and enjoy the doom. Guaranteed to lose your mind in a sea of murky fuzz" Forbidden place records. Denver, state Colorado
Keyboard player and howler John Wesley Myers, aka James Leg, (Black Diamond Heavies, The Immortal Lee County Killers, Cut In The Hill Gang) is back to preach the punk blues. The son of a Texas preacher, raised in the South on gospel music, James Leg distills his particular brew of traditional roots and urban feedback, and “Blood On The Keys” is as explosive as it is pure rock n’roll. This might be his most lethal album so far!
catl. are a rock n’ roll duo hailing from Toronto with a reputation for getting people off their asses to do a little drinkin’ and dancin’. They have released 5 full-length records to critical acclaim and toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Canada since 2010. catl. recently released their 5th LP titled “Bide my time until I die” on Beast Records (France), and Romanus Records (US). catl. features Jamie Fleming bashing away on his 40’s Gretsch, while Sarah Kirkpatrick holds down a steady, dirty groove on the 2-piece drum kit. This super-charged couple have been lauded for their intense live performances and engaging stage presence. catl. has shared the stage with Alabama Shakes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Sadies, Andre Williams, The Sonics and The Reigning Sound. They have played The Montreal International Jazz Festival, NXNE, SXSW, Pop Montreal, Sled Island Music Festival, TURF, Deep Blues Festival in Bayport, MN, and Clarksdale, MS, Binic Folk and Blues Festival in France, as well as The Raut Oak Fest in Germany.
"Yo Diablo is a wild fingerpicking duo with screaming guitars and infernal chords. Their songs talk about mosquitoes, snakes, cats and other terrible animals, and will make you lose your mind with only a drummer and a guitar player.”
Raut Oak IPA 25 June
Bror Gunnar Jansson (and yes it's his real name) was introduced to the great worlds of music before he even was born. He is, together with his sister, the fourth generation of musicians in his bloodline. His father is a well renowned bass player who toured with jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Toots Thielemans and Dexter Gordon. So, Bror Gunnar grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, with music as a natural ingredient of life. He released his self-titled debut solo album 2012, and got some really good reviews. 2014 he released an 8" EP on wax (on the German indie label Stencil Trash Records, limited in 49 handmade copies that sold out in one day), and signed with French label Normandeep Blues, which later that year released his second solo album Moan Snake Moan. Moan Snake Moan was a success in France. It was chosen for the Canal+ program "Album of the week" (Album de la semaine), it was given Coup de Coeur 2014/15 by Academie Charles Cros, Bror Gunnar was named as "the revelation of the year" in Les Inrockuptibles, 2014. In 2015 Normandeep Blues re-released a special limited edition of Bror Gunnar's debut album for Record Store Day. 2017 he released both an EP and a full-length album named And The Great Unknown Part I & Part II. This release has been a success both in sales and critical acclaim. The ‘Part II’ was for a while the best-selling jazz/blues album in France - with more than 5000 physical copies sold in just 3 weeks, only in France. Bror Gunnar once again performed at Album de la semaine. And he was given an award from the Swedish indie music prize Manifest. During the summer of 2018, Bror Gunnar headed back in to the studio again to work on his sixth solo release, his fourth solo album. “They Found My Body In A Bag” is an album inspired partly by the art of road movies also inspired by real life crime investigations. Both historical cases and ongoing investigations. This album is to be released autumn of 2019, followed by touring in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France.
As fate would have it, 2013 had a magnetic pull that would bring Australian singer and guitarist Rhys and female German drummer Meike from opposite ends of the earth together through a strong musical bond.  Drawing inspiration from bands such as Helmet, Rage Against The Machine, NIN, Primus, QOTSA, Faith no More to name a few, the Power Duo have earned themselves a reputation for putting on relentlessly energetic, sweaty and well crafted "Wall of Rock" performances. Quiet often their structured songs will trickle into soundscapes and off the cuff transitions with a full sonic assault and attitude to burn - "this two piece has the presence and sound of a five man band" (Rock Hard Magazine). Since Powder for Pigeons was founded they have spent nine months of the year touring extensively in Europe before relocating to rural Western Australia to spend the stifling hot summer months writing and recording new material and preparing for the next tour. The extreme change of environment and landscapes have bared a deep impact on songwriting, playing and tonality of Powder For Pigeons from year to year.  Rhys’ thick vocal melodies and downtuned style of playing guitar through three different amplifiers along with his self made custom double output guitars holds all bass and guitar duties down whilst Meike’s ability to create powerful drum rhythms that lock in tight with the biggest of riffs, creating a distinctive wall of sound which cannot be mistaken for any other band. Successfully pursuing the DIY approach, the two have stamped their brand of two piece power rock to their ever growing fan base, have recently been on tour with Monster Magnet, Ugly Kid Joe and have shared stages with Soulfly, Dog Eat Dog, Melvins, Clutch, Fu Manchu. Having played all kinds of festivals, big and small such as Czad Festiwal (PL), Vestrock (NL), Ollesummer (EST), Freakvalley (D), Up in smoke (CH), Roadkill (B), Desertfest (D) among many others, underlines Powder For Pigeons' status as one of the most exiting up and coming acts.
Look to a place where Low, The Fall, and Willie Dixon all have something to say to one another. Then dance fool.” That’s how Spin Magazine’s Andrew Beaujon rolled up the Black-eyed Snakes, a genre-bending electric blues band from Duluth, Minnesota fronted by LOW’s Alan Sparhawk. Sparhawk formed the Black-eyed Snakes in 2000 with Bob Olson on guitar and Brad Nelson on drums. A year after forming, the 'Snakes were named Minnesota’s Best New Band by Minneapolis’ City Pages. "Cascading, entrancing beats push thick, raunchy, sometimes-psychedelic guitars into the soul like a lost love or a knife in the back," wrote Melissa Maerz in City Pages. "The jaggedtoothed edge of the guitar alone could saw through every fiber of your emotional restraint." After supporting their first two releases, It’s The Black-eyed Snakes and Rise Up! with U.S. and European tours, and sharing stages with The Jayhawks, Wilco, The Mars Volta and many others, the band slowed down for a while. But the Black-eyed Snakes have emerged from the mud, touring and performing at festivals in support of their 2018 release, Seven Horses, and proving that they haven’t lost their lust to experiment with the blues by pulling in influences that span Ali Farka Toure, psychedelic rock, and funk.
Jerky like whiplash, dirty as grease and hot as the desert, « Dirty Deep » will mark you like a red-hot iron Now, as a trio, they’re driving France wild with their modern juke-joint blues, which is faithful to tradition yet grungy; The effect is something between dance and shock-therapy.
'Santana Bendita' is a place full of lonely hearts. 'Santana Bendita' is the refuge for lost chances, where memories of black smoke and melancholy get trapped. We all live in 'Santana Bendita' - it's everywhere but it's funny 'cause you still don't know. Last album by Spanish power trío El Lobo En Tu Puerta is a massive step in their career, leaving aside for the first time their particular vision of heavy blues to get completely involved of different sounds from the 90s. But is 'Santana Bendita' more stoner... more grunge... more sludge... heavier? Might be... but whatever it is they always are the very own and unique El Lobo En Tu Puerta - and you'll love it!
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